What is SkyFonts?

Developed by Monotype, SkyFonts is a patent-pending technology that allows you to temporarily install desktop fonts and sync them on up to five of your workstations. A first-of-its-kind type solution, SkyFonts is integrated into leading type providers such as, Google Fonts, MyFonts , Membership by Monotype and Paired with these services, SkyFonts provides effortless access to thousands of quality typefaces to browse, try, and install right at your fingertips.

Running as a lightweight utility in the background of your Mac or PC, when a font is installed through SkyFonts it becomes available to all of your applications just like a typical desktop font. When the time period is up, SkyFonts removes the font from your system. No hassle of installing or managing multiple font files — we automatically take care of it for you in the background, letting you focus on your designs instead of font management.

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